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Images soon; US, EU, JP + amiibo versions

DeveloperNintendo EPD
Nd Cube
NTSC Release, m.d.y11.13.2015
PAL Release, d.m.y20.11.2015
NTSC-J Release, d.m.y21.11.2015
Other versionsWii U exclusive

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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a 2015 party video game for the Wii U created by Nintendo and NDcube. The game is an Animal Crossing spin-off that departs from the series’ typical structure in favor of a party game that heavily incorporates amiibo characters. Eight Animal Crossing amiibo character figures were also launched alongside the game to be used in it. In November 2015, it had a worldwide release. Although its appearance was acclaimed, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was a commercial flop and garnered unfavorable reviews from critics who bemoaned its lack of creativity, monotonous gameplay, and weak amiibo integration.