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Game InfoMonster High: 13 Wishes
DeveloperGame Machine Studios
PublisherLittle Orbit
NTSC Release, m.d.y10.29.2013
PAL Release, d.m.y22.11.2013
NTSC-J Release, d.m.y-
Other versions3DS
GenreAction, Adventure


GameRankings10.00%, based on 1 critic
Metacritic10/100, based on 1 critic
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Monster High: 13 Wishes is a video game that was announced at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game is available for Wii U as well as Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS systems. The game has six playable characters who are guided through eight distinct stages and is an exploration-based adventure game. The game serves as a plot filler for the film and takes place during Monster High 13 Wishes, when the shadow eclipse has already happened. On Metacritic, the game garnered mixed to average reviews.